About LEVII & Co.

 LEVII & CO is fabricated on the belief that by accessorizing your professional or daily attire, you are adding a level of confidence to your day that is irreplaceable.  LEVII & CO will provide you with the “tools and equipment” you need to feel confident, sexy, attractive, and dapper.  When you are wearing LEVII & CO fashion accessories, you will not only improve your ensemble and feel dignified, you are changing your image.

 You become a trend-setter.  You will be able to stimulate people around you, which will create a wave of inspiration. This world is led by individuals who stand out in a crowd and are distinguished in the way they position and represent themselves. We are passionate about people who never stop enhancing their image.  And, it is our mission and vision to sell the products that enrich your style in any capacity. If you take pride in yourself, then you are the target client we seek for LEVII & CO. As you explore our site, please zero in on the different materials we weave into our products. LEVII & CO doesn’t stop at the norm, we exceed your expectations by providing the latest in trends which is more than design.  It’s the materials.


“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”

-- Jim Carrey.