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LEVII & Co. believes that planning the perfect look for your special event shouldn't mean buying off the rack and sacrificing the perfectly styled look for your wedding. We have set out to create a modern experience to styling and grooming where Brides and Grooms can achieve a custom look with professional guidance every step of the way. Imagine... Gone are the days where a groom is forced to settle for rental shop advice and poor tailoring. Where every member of the Groom's party looks, and feels as good as they should. LEVII & Co will combine old school styling techniques with new age fashion and end to end personalized service.

Our mission is to present you with every possible option and walk through the process ensuring all your grooming needs are met and expectations exceeded.  We don't merely stop at picking out the right outfit. Our services expand beyond your imaginable needs to ensure you are completely stratified leading up to your wedding day. We can even go further. We are available to be there until the end. Even on your special day to ensure every styling and grooming need is met.



It is important that your look and outfit reflects the detail and grandeur of the occasion. Groom services will help ensure your wedding day is extraordinary. Our stylists and team of professionals will take the time to learn about each and every detail around your important and memorable day.Our signature look will incorporate style and grooming trends from red carpet looks to capturing your individual craft and style preferences.  We believe that the groom deserves his own special treatment and preparation for his wedding day. We offer fashion consults, custom clothing & fitting, men's special occasion accessories for formal & non-attire and will pair you to the best classic and modern haircuts & styles.



 Groomsmen's Gift Box 



Our day of wedding services will provide you with a style and grooming professional. We will be there to help ensure the look we created for you falls into place. We will support the entire wedding party ensemble and manage every detail related to your look and groomsman needs. We come prepared with selected options to provide you with services in tiered packages. No detail goes without consideration. 


Because of the vast knowledge and experience we bring to the conversation our clients know they are always in good hands. We are able to provide a worry-free service for the groom that will allow the groom 
to focus on what he wants and leave the details to us. We believe that this process should be enjoyable. We don't just service our clients, we build relationships. We are able to shift your focus to the things that matter. Your bride and guests. Even if you have no idea of what look you want for your wedding, we are here to guide you. Our clients can attest to this.  


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